Inca Flooring & Structures Ltd working with Degaflex

The team at Inca Flooring & Structures Ltd have recently been working with Degaflex the high-performance flat roofing solution.

They found that working with Degaflex was easier than expected (unlike other building and roofing materials) and successfully installed a flat roofing solution in approximately 450m2. The installation took place at the business location of Powrmatic Ltd, in Ilminster, Somerset.

To complete the installation, the team decided to install Degaflex by overlaying it onto the asphalt of the existing flat section of the roof, which in turn supplied the building with a solution that would protect the longevity of its flat roof. By working with Degaflex, the flat roof area where Degaflex is laid will now be protected from the effects of water, fire, and chemical and physical attacks.

Leighton Bird from Inca Flooring & Structures Ltd said “We loved using the Degaflex system on this enormous 450m2 roof. It was easy to prepare and install, and turned out brilliantly. The client is delighted with the end result, and we will be returning in the spring to complete some more roofing works for them!’

Other businesses that have been working with Degaflex include PPM Care Ltd, Diamond Fibreglass Ltd and Envirotech Weatherproof Solutions to name just a few.  

With a 25-year warranty (providing it is applied directly to OSB3 or OSB3 T&G board) the Degaflex system can be applied to a variety of substrates, such as PVC, mineral felt, cement, metal etc. without the use of a primer.

If you are planning your own Degaflex roofing installation and need to view the datasheet, you can do so here.

If you are interested in a demonstration or more technical information for completing your own Degaflex roofing installation project and want to know how to purchase one of our flat roof sealant kits, please contact our team today by phone at 01778 342545 or email .