Waterproof flat roof with Degaflex

Did you know, that Degaflex can be used to create a sealed watertight and waterproof flat roof on extensions, balconies as well as being used to repair existing flat roof areas?

The team at Diamond Fibreglass Ltd recently tested this and worked on a 35m2 extension utilising a waterproof flat roof with Degaflex (which comprises of high-performance methyl methacrylate (MMA)).

Ally Lench from Diamond Fibreglass Ltd posted on his Instagram

We gave Degaflex Flat Roofing System a try on this job in Kidderminster this week, and was really pleased with the end result. The original fibreglass roof wasn’t completed to the best of standards, so after removing the badly fitted trims and replacing them with size-appropriate trims, we sanded the roof all back and re-laid in Degaflex.”

To create a waterproof flat roof with Degaflex, due to its use of MMA Resin, it has a unique chemical structure that allows the kit to bond with most surfaces and provides a seamless and impermeable surface that’s free from pinholes or bubbles.

Any waterproof flat roof with Degaflex will endure an easy, long life with minimal maintenance as the Degaflex solution provides exceptional resistance to chemical and physical attacks (impact resistance – Class 1). The Degaflex system comes with a 25-year warranty, provided it is applied directly to OSB3 or OSB3 T&G board. You can also apply Degaflex to a variety of substrates, such as PVC, mineral felt, cement, metal etc. with the use of a primer.

The Degaflex kit comes with everything you need to complete your secure flat roof and each layer is curable within 30 minutes making the product fully sealed within 2 hours of installation.

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