About The Degaflex Solution

Outstanding Flat Roof Solutions

When looking for a high-performance flat roofing product, look no further than the Degaflex solution, the first-rate flat roofing solution for builders, roofers and tradespeople.

Degaflex is a high-quality and top-performing waterproof roofing system for use on flat roofs and comes fire-resistant in accordance with BS 476 Part 3 EXT.F.AB standards.

The Degaflex kit comes with everything you need to complete your secure flat roof and each layer is curable within 30 minutes making the product fully sealed within 2 hours of installation. You don’t need any special training or knowledge when it comes to a Degaflex kit- it can be used as a new flat roof project or as part of a repair.

Manufactured using a high-performance methyl methacrylate (MMA), the Degaflex solution can be used on new flat roofing systems, as well as existing roofs as part of a repair project. Due to its use of MMA Resin, it has a unique chemical structure that allows the kit to bond with most surfaces and provides a seamless and impermeable surface that’s free from pinholes or bubbles.

Gone are the days when a roof installation needed to be revisited only a handful of years later, the Degaflex solution provides exceptional resistance to chemical and physical attacks (impact resistance – Class 1) and comes with a 25-year warranty.


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Degaflex is proudly manufactured and produced by Degafloor where our simple approach to business is one of our biggest assets:

  • We offer a simple range of outstanding products that deliver exceptional benefits
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