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The Degaflex flat roof solution is suitable for new and existing flat roofs and comes with a 25-year warranty as well as conforming to all the relevant water and fire safety constraints required. 

The Degaflex solution comes in a variety of colours and textures depending on your flat roof requirements and once installed, provides an exceptional bond to the surface it’s adhering to. 

Due to the unique way the product is installed, it provides a seamless and impermeable surface without pinholes or air bubbles with added slip-resistance meaning the product need not be limited to just flat roofs- it could be used on walkways and other external surfaces or structures as featured by NBS Sourse.

The Degaflex Roofing System is a fast-curing, high-performance methyl methacrylate (MMA) flat roof solution that’s quick and easy to install with minimal training. Each layer of the system cures within 30 minutes allowing the complete system to be fully cured in less than 2 hours.

Fully tested by BRE Global Ltd, World leaders in built environment research and material testing, the Degaflex flat roofing solution is Fire Resistant to BS 476 Part 3 EXT.F.AB standards and provides a complete waterproof system for new and existing flat roof projects.

Click here to view the Degaflex Fire Exposure Certificate.

How it works

The Degaflex flat roofing solution is easy to install in a matter of steps:

  1. Unpack your Degaflex flat roofing solution kit
  2. Prepare your surface area making it free of any offcuts, dirt or loose items
  3. Roll out the fibreglass chop strand to cover the roofing area
  4. Mix up your Degaflex solution as per the instructions
  5. Roll out your first layer of Degaflex covering the pre-cut fibreglass chop strand matting
  6. Allow 30 minutes for each layer to dry
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 
  8. The Degaflex kit is fully cured within 2 hours.


To watch an installation project, please visit our YouTube Channel. 

Where Degaflex is unique to the flat roof solution market, is due to the fact it can cure at temperatures as low as -5°C (with the use of an accelerator) allowing for quick repairs throughout the year.


Quick Facts

Blow lists some quick facts about the Degaflex roofing solution:

EN 1504-2:2004

Certificate Number 0086 CPR 717136.

Abrasion resistance Weight loss < 3000 mg
Permeability to CO2 SD > 50 m
Water vapour permeability Class III
Capillary absorption and permeability to waterW < 0.1 kg / (m2 x h 0.5)
Resistance to severe chemical attackReduction in hardness < 50%
Impact resistance Class I
Adhesion strength by pull of test≥ 2.0 N/mm
Reaction to fire BS 476 Part 3:- EXT.F.AB

Download the Degaflex Data Sheet.


Developed and manufactured by Degafloor, experts in resin flooring solutions and the award-winning Degafill– permanent pothole repair kit.

If you’d like to learn more about our Degaflex kit or request a sample, please contact our team by phone: +44  1778 343670 or email and they’ll gladly assist you with any questions you may have.


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