Technical Specification

Degaflex Roofing System

Developed and sold exclusively by Degafloor Ltd, the Degaflex roofing system is a complete flat roof solution that protects the longevity of your flat roof. When correctly installed, it can produce a water and fire-resistant flat roofing solution that’s also slip-resistant with exceptional resistance to chemical and physical attack.

It’s a durable and reliable roofing solution that works on new flat roof installations or as part of a fix. 

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The system comes with a 25-year warranty, providing it is applied directly to OSB3 or OSB3 T&G board. You can also apply Degaflex to a variety of substrates, such as PVC, mineral felt, cement, metal etc. with the use of a primer.

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Fire Resistance

When designing the Degaflex roofing solution, we knew one of our key components needed to be that the solution was fire-resistant once installed and fully compliant with the relevant safety checks and measures.

Following rigorous testing by BRE Global Ltd, World leaders in built environment research and material testing, we’re proud to announce that Degaflex is Fire Resistant to BS 476 Part 3 EXT.F.AB standards.

This is achieved through a robust fibreglass chop strand matting that produces a flexible, yet very strong, water-resistant and fire-retardant membrane.

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Considering Degaflex is designed to be used on external structures, with the Great British Weather, that comes with a large amount of rain. To withstand these elements, the Degaflex roofing system needed to be designed to keep a flat roof fully dry and waterproof. 

This waterproof feature is achieved through the use of sealing MMA materials and through the unique way the kit is intended to be installed.


Slip Resistance

The Degaflex roofing system is manufactured using MMA with encapsulated fibreglass to produce a mat roof repair with Polyisocyanurate flat roof insulation. This means the product is slip resistant and provides a tight bond to a wide range of substrates that is not only chemical-resistant but also resistant to damage through physical attacks.

The Degaflex system can also be used for walkways and balconies with the addition of Granoflour – which offers slip-resistant qualities for very little extra cost.


Quick Installation

Due to the Degaflex kit being manufactured with MMA materials, it means that once the product is installed and complete, each layer can be fully curable and walkable within 30 minutes, making it one of the quickest flat roofing installation kids around.

To top it off, the Degaflex roofing system can also be installed at cold temperatures as low as -5°C (with the use of an accelerator) allowing for quick repairs throughout the year.

During installation, the Degaflex roofing system will adhere to a wide range of substrates creating a seamless and impermeable surface free of air holes or bubbles. 


What’s Included

The Degaflex kit is a flat roofing solution that’s easy to install with minimal training required before purchasing. We work hard to not only produce an effective flat roof solution that works as described, but can be an easy-to-use method and system.

Each Degaflex kit comes with the following:

  • Degaflex Liquid =25kg tin
  • Chop Strand Matting = 150x1mtr roll
  • BPO hardener (300g bags or 25kg box)

Click here to view the Degaflex BBA Certificate.

Key Facts

  • Abrasion resistance – Weight loss < 3000 mg
  • Permeability to CO2 – SD > 50 m
  • Water vapour permeability – Class III
  • Capillary absorption and permeability to water – W < 0.1 kg / (m2 x h 0.5)
  • Resistance to severe chemical attack – Reduction in hardness < 50%
  • Impact resistance – Class I
  • Adhesion strength by pull of test – ≥ 2.0 N/mm 2
  • Reaction to fire – BS 476 Part 3:- EXT.F.AB

To purchase, please contact our sales team.

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