Quick Installation Flat Roof with Degaflex

One of the key benefits and feedback we get from contractors when working with Degaflex is that it gives them the ability to provide a quick installation to their flat roof projects. With the cold weather and relentless (or often, unexpected) rain, roofers and installers need a solution that can be quick and easy to lay down when providing roofing solutions to their client’s properties. Without covering, the building (and its contents) can be left open to the elements which can be costly and timely to fix – that’s why, making a building watertight is the top priority.

In the past, flat roofing products required dry and sunny days (which are few and far between in the UK) and often took place over multiple days. However, with Degaflex, we have a solution that’s quick to install – often as quickly as one day.

We were recently contacted by RNW Group who provide property maintenance services across the UK. Their client was the Premier Inn in Burgess Hill which needed its flat roof fixed. Experienced in flat roofing repairs, the team set to work hoping to complete the job quickly and safely creating a sealed watertight and waterproof flat roof.

The project in question was 30m2 felt roof that had been leaking for some time. By using Degaflex, they completed the entire job in 1 day, whereas it would’ve taken 2-days with the system they previously used.

Their project manager, Simon Turner, has said “The lads really enjoyed using the Degaflex liquid, as we had to wait for 24 hours before applying the topcoat on the previous system we used; whereas with Degaflex, we can apply the final coat within just half an hour, which saves us so much time and money”.

By being able to provide a quick installation to the flat roof, the client’s property was watertight, dry and in safe hands, especially as Degaflex comes with a 25-year warranty (when installed directly to OSB3 or OSB3 T&G board). You can also apply Degaflex to a variety of substrates, such as PVC, mineral felt, cement, metal etc. with the use of a primer.

What makes Degaflex waterproof is thanks to the use of sealing MMA materials and through the unique way the kit is intended to be installed. To further aid with the UK weather, Degaflex can also be installed at cold temperatures as low as -5°C (with the use of an accelerator) allowing for quick repairs throughout the year. Gone are the days of booking a job in only to have to reschedule it depending on the weather forecast.

Degaflex doesn’t just work on new flat roof installations, it can also be used on extensions, and balconies as well as being used to repair existing flat roof areas.

Any waterproof flat roof with Degaflex will endure an easy, long life with minimal maintenance as the Degaflex solution provides exceptional resistance to chemical and physical attacks (impact resistance – Class 1). 

Each Degaflex kit comes with the following:

  • Degaflex Liquid =25kg tin
  • Chop Strand Matting = 150x1mtr roll
  • BPO hardener (300g bags or 25kg box)
  • Click here to view the Degaflex BBA Certificate.

Click here to view the Degaflex Data Sheet or contact our team today to purchase or learn more.