Degaflex installation at a Travelodge in Torquay

The Degaflex team are happy to announce that we have now successfully completed a Degaflex installation at a Travelodge in Torquay following a positive consultation period with the Travelodge maintenance team.

The Degaflex team were called out for an assessment as the previous Travelodge roof was disintegrating, leaking and required regular ongoing maintenance and fixes costing them time and money. The roof totalled 240m2 which spanned over 12x rooms.

Over the years, the Travelodge maintenance team had tried many products and attempts to patch and fix the failing roof but their efforts were shortlived as the materials used didn’t last. This meant that the 12x rooms were unavailable as they became unsuitable for use, which resulted in a loss of business for the Travelodge team.

Following a consultation and sample of the Degaflex flat roof solution to the Travelodge maintenance team, they were impressed with the product and agreed on the Degaflex installation.

During the Degaflex installation, the team worked meticulously in accordance with Travelodge and Degaflex health and safety subcontractor requirements whilst also keeping the environment professional and clean wherever possible so as to not disturb any Travelodge customers.

Craig Batton, the Sales Manager of Degaflex comments: “the Degaflex installation was a fantastic success, it’s great to be able to help such a reputable hotel chain gain full access back to their 12x rooms and allow them to earn money from the rooms safe in the knowledge that Degaflex comes with a seamless and impermeable surface without pinholes or air bubbles. Following the successful consultation period between us and Travelodge, what won set us apart from other flat roof solutions was the fact Degaflex is a water and fire-resistant option that’s also slip-resistant with exceptional resistance to chemical and physical attack”.

Travelodge have expressed how impressed they are with the Torquay Degaflex installation and have already agreed for the team to next travel to Glasgow to complete an even bigger flat roof upgrade using the Degaflex kit.

If you’d like to see the Degaflex product and how it can be installed, please contact our team today by phone on 01778 342545 or email .