Degaflex for use on a Balcony

Degaflex has recently been used by resin flooring contractors The National Flooring Company who required a solution to repair some balconies that had fallen into disrepair.

The seven balconies in question (located in Salisbury) belong to Wiltshire Council and had been maintained many times over many years, but unfortunately, each time they ended up leaking again and causing damage to the flats and garages below. Degaflex was identified as a suitable solution to replace and repair the damaged balcony and work was completed quickly and efficiently.

The National Flooring Company installed the Degaflex system with a granite scatter for slip resistance, and a seal coat over the top the encapsulate the granite and allow for a cosmetically pleasing finish. The Degaflex solution works well for balconies as it comes in a variety of colours and textures depending on the requirements and once installed, provides an exceptional bond to the surface it’s adhering to.

Jamie Tyler, Contracts Manager at National Flooring said ‘We were delighted with the outcome of the Degaflex system on these set of balconies in Salisbury. The system was extremely easy to use, cured quickly and provided a lovely finish. The great thing about Degaflex is that we were able to bond to a variety of substrates on this job, such as OSB, bitumen, concrete, and timber. Wiltshire Council have advised that they are very pleased with the works and have had extremely positive reviews from the tenants; they have already been back in touch about future work coming up during the summer’.

Planning your own Degaflex roofing installation? You can view the datasheet here.

If you are interested in a demonstration or more technical information for completing your own Degaflex roofing installation project and want to know how to purchase one of our Degaflex kits, either for use on a balcony or for a flat roof, please contact our team today by phone at 01778 342545 or email .